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Machine Translation and Its Working

Machine translation is the translation of text by computer, with none human involvement. Pioneered in the 1950s, machine translation can also being referred to as automated translation, automatic or either instant translation.

E-cash Payment System

The term E-payment is often applied to any electronic payment scheme that superficially resembles cash to the consumer. Still electronic cash is a specific kind of electronic payment scheme defined by certain cryptographic characters.

Difference between CMM and CMMI

The CMM stands for Capability Maturity Model. Mainly focuses on elements of essential practices and processes from various bodies of knowledge. It describes efficient, common sense, proven ways of doing business. Capability Maturity Model is a method to evaluate and measure the maturity of the software development process of an organization.

CMMI Models

The CMM Integration is a model that has integrated several disciplines / bodies of knowledge. Recently there are four bodies of knowledge available to you when selecting a CMMI model. Systems Engineering Systems engineering covers the development of complete systems that may or may not include software. The systems engineers focus on transforming customer requirements, expectations and constraints into product solutions and supporting these product solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of


Enterprise Resource coming up with (ERP)and its precursor, producing Resource coming up with (MRP II)is serving to to remodel our industrial landscape. Its creating attainable profound enhancements within the method producing corporations square measure managed. it's a powerful contributor to Americas superb economic performance of the Nineteen Nineties and therefore the emergence of the New Economy. A 0.5 century from currently, once the definitive industrial history of the 20 th century i

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