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Action Script

ActionScript is an OOP that is object-oriented programming language that is designed particularly for Web site animation. Initially released with Macromedia Flash 4 and enhanced for Flash 5, ActionScript is a stylish version of the script language introduced in Flash 3. ActionScript was able to make it possible for developers to create onscreen environments like tutorials, games and e- commerce applications that can respond to user input through the keyboard or mouse. ActionScript is

Ionic Framework

It is a platform that allows us to make the apps that are cross plarform in nature. Here the technologies like Html5 and Javascript are used. Developers are are vivedely using this framework to develop the applications for the smart phones. It is the too that has changed our view of the application to the great extent. With ionic anybody with the knowledge of front end may be able to develop apps for the mobiles.

Biometric Systems

Biometric identification systems can grouped based on the main physical feature that lends itself to biometric identification

DART-Programing Language

Dart is a open source wen developing and programming language. It was brought out at the GOTO confeence in Aarhus. The main goal of the dart is to replace the javascript as far as web development at open web platform is concerned. Dart was designed with the motive to make tools for well suited modern app. Also it is capable of high performance implementations.

Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is a distributed, open source and decentralized/distributed storage system, to manage very large amounts of data spread out across the world. It provides highly quality service without any failure.


Lua is extensible light weight programming language written in C. Lua started as an in-house project in 1993 by Roberto, Luiz Henrique, and Waldemar. It was designed from the beginning to be a software that can integrated with code written in C and other conventional languages. Such integration brings many benefits. Lua does not try to do what C can already do but aims at offering what C is not good for: a good distance from dynamic structures, no redundancies, the hardware, ease of t

Drupal: The Next CMS Evolution.

Drupal is a free open source content management framework system which is written in PHP and is distributed under the general public license. It is used as a back-end framework for almost of all Web sites worldwide ranging from personal blogs to corporate sector, political, and government sites. It is also used for management of knowledge and collaboration of business.

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