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BRAIN FINGERPRINT-The mind reading technology

Brain fingerprint is a technology that is used to determine whether specific information is stored in ones mind or not by measuring the electrical waves in brain. It uses the forensic technology called EEG(electroencephalography). Brain fingerprint uses the cognitive brain response. It does not depend on the emotions of subject. In the field of crime it works as a detector. This invention is supposed to be the best lie detector available as on the date and detect criminal who pass th

Google Web Toolkit

Google web toolkit is a development kit that is used to build the complex browser based application. GWT is a open source and it is freely available. GWT provides the developers to write client side application in JAVA. Google web toolkit compiles the code written in JAVA to JAVASCRIPT. It automatically generates the javascript code suitable for each browser.

Current web technologies, trends in web technology

Current web technologies are really important and it would really change the way we look our digital world. So working and knowledge of current technology is necessary because today's technology would have a great impact on our future.

Ajax-Creating Asynchronous web applications

Ajax-AJAX refers to Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is not a new programming language, but it is a new way to use existing standards. AJAX is the art of swapping data with a server and renovates parts of a web page without reloading the whole page. AJAX is fully based on Internet Standards.

PPC- Pay Per Click

PPC is an internet advertising system meant to direct the online traffic to a particular website where advertiser pays the publisher when an ad is clicked. PPC is an internet marketing where the advertiser use publishers websites to market their product.

Machile Translation

MACHINE TRANSLATION Machine translation (MT) means translation using computers. In its broadest sense MT can understood to include such computer applications as compilers and compression program, etc., which converts a file in one computer language into a file in another computer language. However what we are interested here is the natural language processing (NLP). One thing which MT does not mean, but which is sometimes to be confused with MT, is (ASR)automatic speech recogni


JOOMLA Joomla is a Content Management System which means it is a system for managing different types of content. whole content is stored in the database. The back-end of Joomla, allows us to edit the content or to add new content. Whenever a visitor will visits the website, the front-end will show him that content from the database.So when we see any Joomla powered website, its front-end has shown us some content from the database. Whole data from the links in the menu to the

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