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JavaScript: The Scripting Language.

JavaScript is a programming language which is used to make web pages more interactive. It can run on visitor's computer and it doesn't require constant downloads from the website. JavaScript is also used to create polls and quizzes. It is a dynamic computer scripting language.

JavaScript is also used in server-side network programming. It is used with runtime environment like Node.js which is game development. The creation of desktop and mobile applications is also done with the help of JavaScript. With the evolution of the single-web page application and JavaScript-heavy sites, JavaScript is being used to compile target for source-to-source compilers from both static and dynamic languages. JavaScript is also known as a prototype-based scripting language.

Features of JavaScript are:


  • Variables are containers for value which can be a character, a string, or a number.

  • variable names are case sensitive in nature and  they must begin with a letter or the underscore character

  • Variables that are created in a function exist only when a function runs. Variables which are created outside functions exist as long as the page is existing.


  • Array is homogenous set of values which is used to store the multiple values.

  • The index can either be numerical or nominal as per requirement.

  • Arrays are useful when there is a need to store multiple values.


  • Objects represent collections of values and it is an instance.

  • Array is a type of object that acts as an ordered collection of values.

  • Objects can also act as a container of unordered values.

  • A Web consists of dozens of objects also called the “Document Object Model”.


  • Methods behave like built-in functions.

  • Particular types of objects are associated with particular methods.

Conditional statements

  • conditional statements allows the user to execute different sets of code depending on the inputs

  • The most common conditional statements are if, if/else, if/then/else, if/then/else if.


  • Loops are used to repeat an action again and again until a particular condition is satisfied.

  • Type of loops are: for loop, while loop and do-while loop.


  • Comments allow the user to insert notes within your script without affecting the code of program.

  • This is helpful as a way to indicate that what every set of code used for is.

  • Comments are of two types: single line comment and multiline comment.

Event handlers

  • Event handlers trigger an event or function based on user initiated events.

  • Event handlers can be attached to HTML elements or to the page.

  • Event handlers are: onclick, onload or onmouseover,

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