Difference between html and html5

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 Difference between HTML and HTML5:

Web technology is a technology that allows the user to develop Web applications with the help of predefined sets of classes and objects. It also includes methods and properties that are available in a markup languages, style sheet languages or programming languages. It also provides an interface that allows sharing of information between Web servers and web clients. Web server is a physical machine or we can say computer that stores and hosts a website to make it available to its clients with the help of a specific URL link on the internet.

HTML is an abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is a used for designing websites and webpages. With the help of HTML we can add text and images on the output.

HTML5 is a modified version of HTML. It is an application development platform. With the help of HTML5 we can not only add text and images, but we can additionally add audio and videos in our output. We can add 2D and 3D effect in our in our borders, storing data to our application, dealing with online and offline access to data.

HTML5 is better than HTML as it support audio and video addition. It supports 2D drawing and canvas. It also includes some tags which are not included in HTML.

HTML5 supports error handling. HTML5 also support mobility but HTML does not support HTML.

HTML file extension is .html. Its media type is text/html. It is document file format. It is an open format. It mainly comprises of tags enclosed in angular brackets like <html>. It always comes in pairs which are opening and closing tags. Some tags don’t come in pairs. HTML coding can be done in notepad and the output is shown in web browser. The actual coding of HTML is not shown in output. HTML also uses CSS (cascading style sheets) to implement layouts and styles. It can also embed script written in languages such as JavaScript that effect the behavior of webpages.

HTML5 adds some new tags such as <audio>, <video>, <canvas> that is not supported by HTML. Some another tags that are introduced in HTML5 are <nav>, <div>, <span>, <footer>.

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