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HTTP: HTTP is an abbreviation for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is a way by the means of which internet browser and the web server communicate. HTTP not only provides the capability for your web browser to request the files and pages from the webserver, but it also provides the ability for web browser to send the information back to the server. This type of information is in the form of text box information, radio buttons and can be in check boxes. This is a type of information which you select or fill out when you register on a particular website or when the user responds to a poll, or submit a form.

Working of HTTP:

It Involves information about client side and server side. We will take an example. Suppose you are browsing the web and you see a web page that has a poll that may be filled out. When you click on the link of the web page in order to open it the following processes takes place:

  1. Your web browser will send a request for the page you wish to see to the server using the HTTP protocol as a way of communicating media. The universal resource locator (URL) or the address of the page is included with the request and the server knows how to access the page.

  2. Server finds out the web page and it displays it to the computer.

  3. The web page which you have received that includes some client side scripting language. Browser of the computer understands this language and can run the script program. The script program causes a form to be displayed with the other content of the web page. This form can contain text boxes, radio buttons, and check boxes.

  4. User fills the information in the text box, choose a radio button, and can check one or more check boxes. Then user clicks on the submit button.

  5. The information which is filled by the user is entered and sent to the server using HTTP in the form of commands.

  6. Server runs a program which may be a script program that receives the   commands and data sent through HTTP, and stores the information.

  7. The server after updating the databases can send the information to the user.

  8. Web browser will receive the updated web page and display it.

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