(Cloud Computing.)

Cloud computing is the technology which is recently evolved. This technology focuses on utilization of computer resources and applications by distant users.


The working of a cloud computing is very simple to understand. A cloud is a like a reservoir or a storage of computer applications, Platforms and infrastructure. This cloud provides resources to various devices that demand it like laptops, phones, tablets, desktops etc. The basic functionality of a cloud is to provide resource sharing and dynamic relocation. Resource sharing means that the resources which are collected at one place can be used by multiple users at a time located at different places. Dynamic relocation means the resources can be relocated to users at different location to serve them required application. For example: the resources which are serving for north block can be relocated to south block to serve the users of that area. This technology will increase the use of computing resources so that multiple users can retrieve and update their data without purchasing licenses. Cloud computing is based on the concept of virtualization. Virtualization means creation of virtual devices which does not exist physically but they can provide functionality to the user.


Application user interface: Application user interfaces are those interfaces which provide the similar functionality as operating system does with hums and computer. It enables cloud to deal with the machine.

Device and user independence: The user can connect to the cloud from any location. It enables user to access system through browser.

Multitenancy: It enables the use of resources by multiple users.

Productivity: productivity is increased because the information is easily available and multiple users can use the same data at the same time without any delay. Time is also saved.

Efficiency: Efficiency and reliability is also high. The chances of data failure are very low.

Advantages of cloud computing:

Cost efficient: It is the most cost efficient method to use. The data is available at much cheaper rates and can be accessed by several users at a time that reduces expenses of the organizations.

Unlimited storage: Cloud gives almost unlimited space for the data storage. The user doesn’t need to worry about the data storage issues.

Backup and Recovery: The backup of a cloud is made on a separate space. If the data or any process fails, it is recovered from the backup space. It increases the reliability of the cloud computing.

Easy access to information: Once you have registered yourself on the cloud, u can use any resource and information across the globe easily.


















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