HTML6- The Future of Web Development

 Before starting with html6 let us backtrack and understand some facts about html5. Html5 was a great jump for web developers. It gave all kind of new tags like,and. It also gave us javascript APIs like drag and drop, local storage and geolocation. But there is a place where html5 lacks and that place is semantic markup.

Now suppose how it would be like changing to just. We should embrace the way in which web is moving towards appstore. The markup should work in favour of us rather against us. So we can say that html6 comes with all the rules and standards that will ease the work of developers and they could inculcate all the styles that they finf efficient for their website.

Html6 is conceptually html with xml like namespaces. Also with it html6 we get the freedom to use any tag we want as w3c has reserved namespaces not tags.

Here is the title of the html document. Equivalent to current tag. The main function is that browsers will use this for tab bars, favourites etc. Another specification over here is that in html5 we used to use the tags for buttons in the form

But now in html6 we can use the tag-This tag would very efficiently create a button on our sheet. Also the major task of ant language is to make the site more robust and efficient to use. With the coming of html 6 the developers will have less hindrances as compared to to the other versions of html.

Also with it, the developer has the full control over tags and he can use the tag very efficiently and upto his needs. We can at last say that with the coming of html6 our code will become more easy to write and would develop more robust web pages.

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