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 RSS Feeds

 RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary” and is often called as really simple syndication. It is used to frequently update the information. This information may include blogs, news feeds, audios and videos. RSS document include full or summarized text. In general terms we can say that it contains the metadata.

RSS feeds allow the syndication of data or in simple terms it leads to the efficient organization of data and the linking of data.  XML file format is followed which makes the document compatible with other programs and machines. RSS is also beneficial for the people who want feeds regularly from a particular site.

When subscribed to the RSS feeds, removes the need of the user to check manually for new content in the web. Instead their browser checks the site for the latest updates. Also with this feature, the browser can be commanded to automatically load all the new updates available.

Software named RSS reader or feed reader presents RSS feed to the user. Users subscribe to the feeds by entering feeds URI into the reader or by clicking on the browser’s feed icon.

One thing to note over here is that RSS files are XML formatted plain text and are really easy to read.

There is development of many modules concerned in the making of the RSS feeds. The main purpose of the modules is to have more robust and scalable XML schema which can be extended for the syndication of the content. To achieve this extension it follows rules for the really tight vocabulary. This vocabulary is declared through the XML namespace to name the concepts and define the relationship between the objects.

There are thousands of websites that use RSS and more people understand its uses in their life. RSS makes it easier to find the information on the web and web developers can send or propagate their information more easily. There are many benefits of RSS and it includes:

a)   Choosing your own news: With RSS you can choose the news that is relevant to your work and which that suits you.

b)  Removing unwanted information: With RSS you can remove the unwanted (spam’s) information from the wanted information or the desired information.

c)    Increasing site traffic: With RSS we can create our own news channel and publish it on the Internet. The more people visits the site, more traffic site comes through!


So in the end we can conclude by the various noticing facts about RSS. RSS is used to share the content between the websites. Using RSS we can register our content with the aggregators. So for the whole process first develop a document using .XML extension and upload the file to your site. After that register with the Aggregator. Registration with the Aggregator is necessary because each day aggregator searches the registered websites for documents, verifies the link and display information about the feeds, so that clients get the link of the document which likes them.  

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