SEO(Search Engine Optimization): The Website Visibility

Feb 17, 2015   Allumez   Web Designing

SEO(Search Engine Optimization): The Website Visibility.

Optimization is a word that means optimizing the results that is giving the optimal output. By optimal output we mean the most favorable result whose probability is highest. Search engine optimization is a criterion in which the visibility of the website is made to the level that it becomes highly visible to the user.

The more the website is visible on search results the more will be its user following and more will be its popularity. Search engine optimization involves many types of searches that are made by the users like video searching, image searching, content searching, local search or academic search.

The main working of search engine optimization is like it mainly focuses on hat users usually search for. It mainly focuses on the keywords that the users use to type while searching a particular thing and it optimizes it. Optimization includes changing the content of the websites according to the users search and setting the keywords accordingly.

Search engine optimizers are the persons who provide the optimization services.

Methods of search engine optimization:

  • Getting Indexed:

The top search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing use crawlers for their search optimization. Those pages that are liked to another search engines do not need to be submitted because they can be automatically found. There are two main directories Yahoo Directory uses manual submission and manual reviews. Google uses Google webmaster tools for this purpose which is not manual. Google uses an automatic procedure. Search engine crawlers look at a number of factors while crawling a site.

  • Prevent Crawling:

To avoid the situation in which there is undesirable crawling or search results, webmasters can instruct their coders or spiders not to crawl.  A page can be excluded explicitly from a search engine database by using a Meta tag which is specific to robots. The robot.txt file is the first file which is crawled when the server visits the site. Then robots.txt file is parsed, and it instructs the robot as to which pages need not to be crawled.





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