Digital Gloves-Wearable Sensors

Glove based systems are used to acquiring the hand movement data. Mostly dumb people use sign language to communicate but this language is difficult to understand for the normal people who do not understand sign language. Digital glove is an electronic device which is used to translate the sign language in to thespeech.It is a normal cloth driving gloves with flex sensors. In this device flex sensors plays the major role. Flex sensors are the sensors that change in resistence  depending on the amount of bend of sensor. It  also provides sign for the letter to perform the words that don't have a corresponding sign in that corresponding sign language. It is mainly used in that application area which demands accurate interpretation of sign language.

There is no limit to how many gestures they can program into the software.

Research: Data glove based interface are designed and researched for replacing static and fixed keyboard and mouse to have more natural way of communication as human being does by making gestures while communication. The gestures must be recognized first and thus data glove is used. It provides data based on angular measures of the bones in hand.

Gestures Definition:

Gesture is a way of communication used to communicate with others without the speech which involves the body language. Gesturing can be defined with or without spoken words. It includes movements and positioning of  the face, hands, and the whole body. The basic goal of gesture recognition is to have an automated system that can identify the specific human gestures and also use these gestures to control the devices/virtual environment. In this world of computerization, gesturing is building a very richer and strong bridge between the human beings and machines with no limitations. It provides an enabled interface for human to interact with machines in most friendly way as with the other human beings. The gestures used in this are: clicking, rotating, dragging, pointing and air-writing . 

System Architecture and Implementation

Data glove is implemented to capture the hand gestures of a user. The data glove is fitted with flex sensors along the length of each finger and the thumb. Flex sensors output a stream of data that varies with degree of curve. The analog outputs from the sensors are then fed to the PIC (Peripheral Interface Controller) microcontroller. This processes the signals and perform analog to digital signal conversion. The resulting digital signal is encoded and transmitted through RF system. Radio frequency receivers receive the signal and fed to the gesture recognition section through the decoder. In this way the gesture is recognized and the corresponding text information is identified. Conversion from text to speech takes place in the voice section and plays out through the speaker. User need to know the signs of particular alphabets and he need to stay with the sign only for two seconds. It is hard to build a standard library of signs because there is no limitation on the signs. The new sign introduced should be supported by the software used in the system. The system can also be designed such that it can translate words from one language to another. A glove’s pair along with sensors enables mute people to interact with the public in the required language. The performance accuracy of this device can be improved by increasing the number of sensors in the series. These sensors are attached along the fingers and thumb. The degree of bending of fingers and thumb produces the output voltage variation which in turn on converting to analog form produces required voice.

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