Web Designing-The Designing of Web

Feb 6, 2015   Allumez   Web Designing

Web Designing-The Designing of Web

Web designing comprises of those techniques and discipline which include maintenance and designing of websites. Web designing comprises of many categories like graphic designing, interface designing including code that is standardized. Some designing processes are done in teams whether some are covered by single individual. Web designing is particularly designing of the front end which is the client side. It describes the user experience. Web designers are expected to be up to date with the guidelines of the designing stream.

Web designer use lots of tools and techniques to implement them in latest designs. These tools are updated and modified up to date but the principles behind these techniques remain the same.

Skills and techniques:

Marketing and communication design depends upon the target of the market. For this, a designer should have in depth knowledge of taste of the audience. The designer has to design according to the user or client demand. The designer should also understand the type of website they are going to make. e.g.: if the user wants a commercial website or business website or a trade website. Each type has different content and different layouts.

Interactive Designs:

The user can understand the content of the website only when the user knows how the website is working. To have knowledge of content of the website the website needs to be interactive in nature. User experience comprises of the front end view that is what is the layout of the website, its labels and content. The website should be user friendly. 

Page Layouts:

 Page layouts also involve very important aspects of the web designing. It depends upon the user whether he/she want same pages with same layouts or different layouts of pages. The pixels of the pages should also be aligned to layout design.


Typography is a criterion in which the designer has to choose same designs and typefaces as compared to using different designs and type faces. Most of browsers accept only a specific type of fonts so as to avoid complications.



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