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Drupal is an open source Content Management System which is also referred to as CMS means Drupal is used to manage content on informational sites , member sites, social media sites and web applications.

Drupal is written in PHP and requires a MySQL database. Its basic or primary installation can be easily turned into many different types of web sites , from simple web logs to large online communities.

Drupal can also be used for knowledge management and business collaboration.


Drupal was written by Dries Buytaert as a message board and Drupal became an open source project in 2001. The word  Drupal is an English rendering of the Dutch word "druppel" which means "drop".

Drupal 8 is in development . The work on Drupal 8 is divided into categories called as Core initiatives :Mobile, Layouts, Web Services and HTML5.

Major versions

Version Number and   Release Date of Drupal

1)        1.0             -     15 Jan 2001[37]

2)        2.0             -     15 Mar 2001[37]

3)        3.0              -     15 Sep 2001[37]

4)        4.0              -     16 Jun 2002[37]

5)        4.5              -     16 Oct 2004[37]

6)        4.6              -     16 Apr 2005[37]

7)        4.7              -     16 May 2006[37]

8)        5.0              -     15 Jan 2007[38]

9)        6.0              -     13 Feb 2008[39]

10)      7.0              -     5 Jan 2011[40]

11)      7.34            -      19 Nov 2014[41]

12)      8.0 beta 2   -     15 Oct 2014[42]

13)      8.0 beta 3   -    12 Nov 2014[43]

14)      8.0 beta 4   -     17 Dec 2014[44]

15)      8.0 beta 6   -     28 Jan 2015[45]

16)      8.0              -          Being Developed

Reasons to use Drupal

Reliable : The use of proven , market leading technology actually means low risk. As it is reliable enough so Drupal is also used by the President of theUSA.

Efficient : Customers and content management can be handled efficiently because of the synergies of having everything based on the Drupal framework.

Flexible : It is Fexible as many things can be implemented and changed easily and it has flexible architecture.

Modular : A modular architecture allows the complex solutions to be "assembled" quickly and reliably. More than five thousand modules are available for Drupal.

Support: Drupal support is available from Acquia, Anolim and many other vendors.

Secure: Drupal also has an active security group that provides security updates whenever necessary.


1)  Multi-featured- Drupal CMS is a multi-featured CMS and has all the necessary features that a webmaster may need to create an impressive website.

2)GreatwebsiteBuildingTools and different Templates- Drupal CMS has many useful and advanced website building tools which help to create a website quickly.

3) Excellent Content Creation- Drupal CMS main feature is its feature of excellent content creation. The user may wish to add many of the different and useful modules like videos, polls.

4) Dynamic Designs- Drupal CMS carries some very interesting themes and templates and those are easy to use as well.

5) Easy management- Drupal CMS though has a learning curve but is easy to manage.


Non friendly interface -  Drupal CMS is much user friendly as compared to the other open source content management systems.

Not good Compatibility - Drupal CMS is a new content management system as compared to other old and established content management systems

Mediocre performances - The websites made in Drupal CMS are comparatively heavy and take more time to load.

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