(Paper Tabs)-The thin monitors

     Paper Tabs-The thin monitors

Have you ever thought that how it would be when holding a Smartphone which is thin like paper. It is very amusing to even think it so. But researchers are applying their best effort to come up with such marvel. It is for sure that we will find such type of wonders in near future. This technology is going to transfigure the essence of technology.

The paper tablet looks like a thin paper or emulates like a page of a notebook. It has a powerful 10.7" plastic display developed by plastic logic and powered by Intel core-i5.

Instead of innumerable apps on same display, it has many apps per display or in other words users have eight to ten displays where every single app running on the display.

Paper tabs will make our work easier where we can work on the documents more efficiently. We can understand it through an example, suppose you want to send an image to your friend by just tapping on to the paper tab where one paper tab would show the email part and another would show the image part.

Paper tab could file and display thousands of documents thus replacing the need of monitors or other output screens. Unlike other traditional computers paper tabs keep track of their latter and former pages.

Therefore we can say that the paper tabs are lightweight and robust so we can use them as a magazine and read our desired document efficiently and enjoyably without pressing more buttons.

Work is being going on the development of such types of flexible computers and when these devices become assessable to the people, it would certainly change the whole phenomenon. It may lead to the people going more towards these tablets rather going for the books.

The scientists have really become successful in exploring the various disruptive measures that come across the users and have really done hard work to go through them.


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