MEMRISTOR, the Dynamic Technology

Memristor, the Dynamic Technology.

Memristor is a device which is going to be latest technology. It was evolved in 1971. It is an electronic component which is a combination of a resister, capacitor and inductor. It is a small sized component which can remember electrical states even when it is not on. This technology is really very important as it is far better and cheaper and easy to implement. It is faster than flash storage.

Analogy of a memristor: It contains a pipe that carries water. Water which is a conductor of electricity and pressure of the water pipe affects the voltage. The pressure is dependent upon the direction of the water. If the water flows in same direction then the pipe expands and the flow of water increases. If the flow of water is in opposite direction then the pipe contracts and the flow of water decreases. The diameter of pipe is affected by the pressure of water and the diameter decides the main functionality of the memristor.

A memristor stores information in it in terms of data. The data can be interpreted as “0” when low voltage is there and when it is high, it is interpreted in form of “1”. Current is applied to the memristor due to which resistance is changed and electrical signals are generated.

Memristors are used in variety of applications by using combinations with several devices like memory capacitors and memory resisters. These are used in nonvolatile memory applications like crossbar latch memory.

It is also used in low power remote sensing applications, programmable logics and signal processing.

A memristor can have a lot of benefits such as it can maintain accurate flow of current due to its capability of storing information in it. It can give efficient, cheaper and greater energy. This technology can be used with cloud computing to improve the data storage drastically.  

With advantages there are disadvantages also. Memristor is not yet easily available in commercially. Memristor has the ability to store and learn but it doesn’t know whether it is storing is accurate or not. Its speed is also less as compared to dynamic random access memory. It cannot match its speed with DRAM.

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