Google glass is a wearable computing device which is mounted on head. It is just like a mini projector. The resulting projection is comparable to the HD television that is viewed from eight feet away. A camera attached to this takes the picture at 5Mp resolution and the video of 720p also having a microphone for recording.

Google glass does not have the mobile functionality for calls and to access the internet. It depends on either a bluetooth device or wireless network.

The battery of the glass is just placed behind the user's right ear.

The user then hears sound in one of two ways: via mono or stereo earbuds that connect to the battery port, or through a bone conductivity transducer located on the inside of the battery section. This bone conductivity transducer conducts sound to the inner ear by directly vibrating the user’s skull.

When imagining the potential ways that Google Glass and other HMDs might be used in the performing arts, and in particular how they might impact audience engagement, only the initially obvious manners in which the device might be used to establish and build rapport can be predicted. These predictions are limited to the device’s native capabilities, those software features that Google built into the device’s operating system. Just as few could have predicted the concept of apps when mobile phones were first released (indeed, it took nearly three decades of development, popularization, and cultural assimilation of mobile technology before the creative and social capabilities of apps flourished), the potential of HMD technology has yet to unfold. It may be merely one app away from rewriting how patrons interact with the arts, and with each other.



1. It is easy to wear and use.

2. It is sensitive and responsive to the presence of people.

3. It provides fast access of maps, documents, videos, chats and much more.

4. A new trend for the peoples who are  fashion lovers together being an innovative technology.

5. A spectacle based computer to reside directly on your eyes rather than in your pouch or pocket.

6. A useful technology for all kinds of disabled people.


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