Top Reasons to Choose Word Press

Apr 28, 2016   Allumez   Web Development

If you are roaming here and there to have a website designed, redesigned or to build a website, or maybe want to change existing web presence so here we get the word press, which can solve all your problems and for convincing that I am providing some worthy reasons that you should go for WordPress for  designing the website.

Some of these are as below 

Word Press, The most popular content management system: It is worth proven software trusted by a lot of companies, small businesses and millions of web site owners. Today it powers around a quarter of all new web sites & has been continually refined & improved. It is available for free. It releases a new version with more security updates, fixes for bugs & improvements made to the previous version every 3 to 4 months. Word press is very much robust & fully supported application that is continually being improved.

 It is very much easy to use & requires no coding experience or any expert knowledge.  It itself refers to the ease of use of its application as giving you the power of Microsoft Word with the intuitiveness of an iPhone.It was designed for online content publishing & is not just a website application but also a powerful content publishing platform.

It Makes SEO Easy: Search Engine Optimization becomes very much simple when we use WordPress for our websites. It is very good & necessary to learn a little of SEO but with some of simple plug-in so that we could get results in almost no time. Adding SEO functionality is very simple with the WordPress. It is a lot much easier to use.

WordPress Themes: For making our website look good we can use either the paid or some unpaid themes which are provided by the word press as it is our website & why does not make more customers using some additional functionalities. It offers a number of themes and these are very much simply the skins & the styles that we add and they completely change the look and feel of the website.

It lets the preview of our posts live: it means just as they will appear when site will be published, & without requiring the publishing of the content first. That means we can get the content looking exactly the same manner we want it to look to the readers before publishing the articles, pages or live post.

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