Codeigniter is a source for the development of framework for creating the dynamic websites using PHP. It is used for the rapid development of web application platform ,for making the effective web sites. Like other browsers development pattern of the codeigniter is based on the model-view- architecture. 

The important an necessary part of the development are the classes of controller under the codeigniter. Models and views are not necessary in codeignitor , they may be optional. The codeigniter is popular for it's speed.

It is faster then other frameworks like PHP. As the codeigniter take on the frameworks like PHP, the creator php spoke that nothing can be liked more then "Codeigniter" because it faster, least like a framework and lighter. 

Codeigniter is much lighter , faster and easier to understand then other frameworks.At GitHub the source code of Codeigniter is maintained and the preview version 3.0, is licensed with the MIT License and certified as open source software.

The earlier versions prior to the version 3.0, were licensed under Apache/BSD-style open source license. The sparked community controversy, especially about the new license,GPL is not compatible, leads to move licensing to the open source License.

EllisLab has responded to this decision with series of articles labeled Software License Awareness Week.

EllisLab released the first public version of the codeigniter on February 28, 2006.On October 31,2015 the latest and advanced version 3.0.3 was released.Due to the lack of resources the attention they felt, framework deserves is given to it.

The codeigniter requires a new owner, because of lack of resources EllisLab publicize that it was inviting a new owner for codeigniter. Later on the development of codeigniter is continued under the British Columbia Institute of Technology was publicized by EllisLab on October 6,2014.Including the user guide ,the codeigniter 3 has 2MB download.Ther is no strict coding rules for the codeignitor.

The user can use it's own coding and naming conventions . It is having with some reservations or restrictions to deal with conflicts related to the class names. Codeigniter empowers the users , not restrict them. Codeigniter has the exceptional performance quality , it gives the excellent performance as compared to most of it's competitors.

Codeigniter is a model -view-controller, having the capability to improve the users productivity. It has an additional functionality while providing for the third party plugins to add new functionality. It is based on simple , substitution based templating tools. It is easy to learn , understand and get expert with it.

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