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Apr 27, 2016   Allumez   Technologies , Web Technologies

Joomla that is CMS [content management sevices or open source content management services], CMS is a software, software which helps us in content management on our websites and kept tracked of each and the every data the data like picture, audio as well as the video files.

This services was started in august 2005 by miro international pvt. Ltd. That is the initial release.the initial release released by the joomla project team is not the stable their are some unstable factors, after resolving them the final and the stable/fixed type is delivered on December 2015.The joomla is prepared using PHP language.

The operating system used is cross platform.This software has many other merits one of the explosive advantage is, it doesn’t require the lot of technically strong person toaccess it, less technically skilled person can also manage the software. And the most interesting fact of this is, Joomla is non profitable organisation.

Joomla also honoured with awards for their services. Joomla can be accessed in compressed as well as non compressed form, the compressed size is about 10.5 megabyte and full version is about 29 megabyte.

   Their are type of joomla Content management system, Content management framework(CMF): that make ease the utilization of reusable of elements or custom built software for managing content on the web, and it also share features of a web application and CMS.

some system declare be CMF are Alfresco, Ametys, Apache jackrabbit, apache lenya, Apache sling, Liferay and the technologies used in it are JAVA, there are many other names that are declared as CMFs and they are uses different kind of technologies like PHP,PHYTHON, MySQL,.NET etcetera.

The website of joomla is also available. They have also a licence “GNU general public”. joomla is zero expensive service which simply mean it is free of cost which is the first factor came in mind when we want to buy or access anything that is not prepared by us in the IT world.

As this is free of cost that does not mean non beneficial ,it is beneficial for content management. 

     This is used over 50 million of people which is a huge number and gives the positive and the goodfeedback about the joomla. When we talk about million we don’t have to worry about the quality and efficiency. This is regularly updated with the new version which is one of most important factor for updation.

There are 13 joomla versions ;versions are 1.0, 1.5(LTS), 1.6, 1.7, 2.5(LTS), 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 . the version 1.0 to 3.3 are no longer supported. The version 3.4 is still supported this is because version 3.4 has a better security or advancement ,the version of 3.4 came out as 3.4.5 this is betterment in the security issues.

Their are some future release versions of joomla i.e 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 are future releases.IN these versions definitely a advancement came out then that of v3.4.5 thatmakes the user more comfortable and friendly with he joomla.

 Joomla Extensions or in computing ,a plug-in extend the capable of serving a purpose of joomla, there are five type of extensions first one is COMPONENTS; it is the one of the biggest and the most complex type this component actually produce larger part of the page, maximum components havetwo parts these two parts are admin part and the website part.

Second extension is MODULES;the modules display new content as this is link to that of the joomla. Third extension is PLUGINS; in this when the triggering is done for the event plugin are registered for the handling. next fourth extension is TEMPLATES ;it describe from the name design of joomla, templates explains the style, appearance of the site. the last of the extension is LANGUAGUES; it is the most easy extension that can be core part. this tell us about font etc.

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