FireFox Operating System

The way the modern technology is outstripping the humans capabilities we can say that we are really moving into the core digital age. The computers are doing like everthing from hosting a show to performing a legal discovery. It is true that sooner or later these computers would drive our cars and even do medical diagnosis.

Fire-fox OS is a linux kernel based open source operating system generally for tablets and smartphones. With many innate specification, it finds its use in smart TVs too. It uses the technologies like html5, CSS3 and javascript in it which makes it easy to interact with cellphone hardware. But in the race there are other competitors too like anderoid and ios which have a great market value.

This operating system is endowed with many software layers such as Gonk, Gecko and Gaia. Gonk involves the combination of the linux kernel and the Hardware Abstraction Layer from android.

Gecko is the web browser engine and application run-time services layer. Gaia on the other hand ia a html5 layer and user interface system. It is said that devices matter less than they are able to run. Therefore in this way the firefox OS is versatile in nature. A developer can add much more to it and also a user can make the software compatible to his requirement. If we loom around the latest technologies then we would find that there is much accentuation on softwares rather than hardwares.

It is usually the interface with which the user interact and not the back-end. The firefox operating system has many specifications like it is really very fast and adaptive. It instantly provides us with the information you want. Also with many outstanding features it has in the many useful utilities.

The Mozilla has really worked hard on the operating system and it seems that it would give a tough competition to the other rivals in the race. It include other features too in the form of Automated testing and debugging.

Also there is a great task required for the development of the firefox operating system, it requires a great amount of time , computational speed and higher bandwidth.

In the end we can say that Mozilla which brought the firefox web browsers and changed the way we access the websites, this new venture may lead to its more prosperity.

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