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                               Six Sigma

In this Achievement oriented world everyone wants best and can compromise with nothing. So that the services may improve exponentially and the customers get satisfied, Motorola came with a technique known as six sigma. To eliminate any type of problem in business and manufacturing process, it came out to be as a blessing. It helped to remove the variation in any type of industrial process.

Through the phenomenon of six sigma an infrastructure of people is developed within the organization. Also it adopts the target in an efficient way and follows the steps for its completion. The various things considered here are:

  • Reduction of cost: The plans are made in such an efficient manner that the overall cost is decreased and the productivity increased.
  • Customer satisfaction is Enhanced: If the customer gets the desired product without any faults, he would be completely allayed. Also the main need of making a product is nothing but customer satisfaction.
  • The Profit gets Increased: As the product becomes more unique and worth using, the value of the product is increased and thus generation of profit. So we can say the by introducing the concept of six sigma we can increase our profits.

The six sigma process makes use of various methods. The various methods include:

  1. Planning: It is first and the foremost phase of any venture and without it the progress is impossible. Here the problem gets defined and consultation being made.
  2. Doing: Here the plan gets implemented. From here the work starts from its incipient stage. Here the pragmatic approach towards the goal is taken.
  3. Checking: Here the implementation which is being made is checked and the problem is looked for and solved.
  4. Action: In this phase the action is being taken on the problem and the project being completed. This activity can be in any form, it may deal with either the physical requirement or software requirement.
  5. There are many people or actors involved in the process of some venture. The people who play pivotal roles are:
  6. Executive Leader: He is the main player in any venture. He is the one who holds vision and designs a plan. The blueprint is designed by him.
  7. Champions: They take responsibility for six sigma implementation in an integrated manner. They also act as a guide to black belt.
  8. Master Black belt: These are the people who are identified by the champions. These are the people who dedicate all of their time to six sigma. They guide both black and green belt.
  9. Black Belts: These are the one who report to master black belt. Their main focus is on the execution of six sigma and here we may find special leadership with specific tasks.
  10. Green belt: These are the employees who play a minimal role in the six sigma execution process. They do other works too with side by side taking up six sigma process.
  11. Yellow belt: These are the people who have the basic training in the six sigma processes. They generally participate in the six sigma process.
  12. White belt: These are the people who generally are trained in the six sigma process but do not take part in any project.
  13. Orange belt: It is meant for special cases.


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