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The whole concept of Internet rely on the phenomenon of hosting. So it becomes important for us to define what this hosting is. We can understand it by an example- suppose one wants to store his information not on his desktop but at some another place. He can do it by storing it online somewhere because this is the only recourse left for him. So he stores the information. Have you ever guessed where that information got stored up? It got stored up in the near hosts or servers.

On the big hand we can say that whole internet is based on hosting. The main giant of hosting is Google in this case. It is google which provides us with the information we desire. Now let us understand the concept of Cloud hosting. In over here the hosting is done on the virtual servers. The main advantage of this hosting is that the client has to pay for the website he log in to and the payment would not be permanent but rather depends on the time he asks for the website. It also makes use of the concept of clustered hosting where websites are hosted on multiple servers.

Infrastructure as a sevice and platform as a service are practical examples for the cloud hosting. Virtual data centre(VDC) is the key for the cloud hosting. It allows various virtual servers to deal with various request from business enterprises and one related to the IT operations.

Cloud hosting involves public cloud models. From here the people could store and ate the same time retrive the information. But there are some security reasons and various other hosts are involved in it. So to keep oneself away from the complexities, one can go for the private hosting. This private hosting may cost a person much but it is secure as compared to the public hosting.

There are various features of cloud hosting which are very beneficial to the users. These features are:

  • · Dependability: Sometimes it is possible that some problem may come inside the server but it is not in the case of virtual server and hence we can conclude that the cloud hosting is highly reliable.
  • · Physical security: The servers which are present underlying still holds the data centre and also it is difficult for the person to crack through that servers, therefore it is secure to a great extent.
  • · Scalability: The customer can retreive as much information as he wants and the servers will provide him eith whatsoever data he wants and also the storage space.
  • · Costing: It is the main and the most important feature of cloud hosting. The client has to pay only for what he uses. The resourse is available on demand.
  • · Load balancing: The load gets balanced through the specialised software. In this way the servers are able to serve any request to ant extent.


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