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Suppose your website that it is a data container ,  that have all the content you would wish to distribute on the World Wide Web. What the Web hosts does was, they provide space to your website on their servers and Internet connectivity through their data centre.

Two platforms which are typically available for web hosting are.-

1:  Windows  2:  Linux


 Linux web hosting Platform

Linux is an UNIX based and open source platform that is mostly used for Website hosting . The most important feature of Linux is LAMP.

LAMP means combination of software and server technologies that are open source. It makes Linux web hosting to offer optimal solution to website hosting with limited budget.

why linux

When we talk about Web hosting , the best operating system for web servers is Linux. And its main Characteristics are that

* Linux is reliable,

* Linux is stable and

* Linux is efficient

 The most demand of the linux is in the environments of web and mail servers.

If anyone plans to do some work or project that uses PHP, Perl or My SQL languages , Linux is the solution one should choose .

 Supported web kit tools in Linux as compared to windows .

 Development Tools                         Linux           Windows

Word Press and other Web apps                                                                       -

Dream weaver / other WYSIWYG apps                                                -

PHP , My SQL, CGI, Python or Perl                                                         -

ASP , ASP.NET and MS SQL                                                         -                           


Secure and Stable :  Linux is well known for its stability and security aspects. Linux web hosting gives you strong platform in terms of data safety and steadiness.

Easy Backups : It is very important to have backup for a website especially when it accesses non-redundant. Linux has easy backup facility through inbuilt tools.

Basic Plans:  Linux web hosting provides with the array of basic plans encompassing FTP access , Common Gateway Interface ( CGI ) scripting , My SQL services along with Email services and SSH access.

Simple Administration:   Linux offers simple administration benefits without using other software tools. Other platforms don’t do this.

Technical Support :  Linux platform usually provides troubleshooting facility and problem solving function to its users. Technical support and service which is offered by Linux is best in class.

Low cost : Linux being an open source platform charges you far lesser in terms of setup, software and monthly costs making it a most preferred solution.


Domain Knowledge : This might not be a major demerit but having inadequate or lesser knowledge of Linux can be disadvantageous .

Compatibility : Websites which are developed having windows as its native platform may have problems gelling with Linux , having an issue of compatibility . But this problem is solved in a way with usage of

 Anything which has advantages has also disadvantages too. It depends upon the user to make the most of it with the brighter side.


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