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                                    PHONE GAP

A number of operating systems are available in the market like IOS, android,windows,blackberry etc.

Each and every mobile operating system provides there own set of rules and environments to build the apps that will only run on them.Apps made for one operating system can't run on another one.Thus it becomes tedious task to develop an app that will work on all platforms also keeping its look,feel and functionality same for all.A developer needs to understand the functionality of all the operating system.So he must have a good knowledge of all the tool of each operating system.

        Phone gap is a solution to all these problems.It is a open and freely available resource. Phone gap is a framework through which the developer develops its app by using the standard web technologies for all major operating was produced by Nitobi.

Developers only need to know the web development like HTML,CSS,Javascript.The rest of the care is taken by the phone gap like the look ,feel and the functionality of the Application.

 PHONE-GAP Environment Setup:

                An app should have included following items in its package:

->Configuration File: This file contains all the necessary information that is required to compile an app. All the contents related to the configuration are included within thetag. This file may contain the information like version, author, and name of app.

->App icon:The size of the target devices may vary.So it is important to prepare the icon having the exact shape required by the particular operating system.

->Content (Using any web technologies).

Content for an app may be of two types:

  1. Offline App
  2. Online App

For the Offline app the user have no need for the internet connection.The contents are taken from the hard disk or from any other storage medium.

In online mode all the contents are directly retrieved from the internet.

 Advantages of using phone gap

  1. 1.   The most important advantage of using phone gap is that we can build a single app that will work for different platforms.It means less time and money is required.
  2. 2.   Phone gap requires the knowledge of simple web technologies like html,javascript,css. So it does not requires the experts input.It also reduce the efforts required for the development.
  3. 3.   It does not have any need for learning the programming languages.
  4. 4.   PhoneGap is free software due to its open source license. This means that the PhoneGap constantly compiles new code and modules that can be picked up free of cost, thus helping developers even more.

Disadvantages of using phone gap:

1. Development time can take longer, especially if you want a polished-looking application  with a native feel and look.

2. the most part a native app is much faster/smoother than mobile web app.

3. If a mobile application includes the graphic elements the performance rate can be degrade.

4. The documentation part does not contain the much descriptive information.Thus there is lack of crucial information required for development.        

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