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Mar 5, 2015   Allumez   Web Development

Web development tools allow web developers to test or debug their code. They do not assist in the direct creation of a web page, rather they use tools for testing the user interface of a website or web application.

Web development tools occur as add-ons or built-in features in web browsers. The most popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer have built in tools to help web developers. Many additional add-ons can be found in their respective plug-in download centres.

Web development tools allow developers to work with a collection of web technologies, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, the DOM, and other components that are handled by the web browser.


HTML and the DOM

HTML and DOM viewer/editor is included in the built-in web development tools. The HTML and DOM viewer allow you to see the DOM as it was executed in addition to allowing you to alter the HTML and DOM and see the change reflected in the page.

 The HTML element panels also display properties of the DOM object, such as display dimension, and CSS properties.

Profiling and Auditing

Profiling allows developers to store information about the performance of a web page or web application so that developers can improve the performance of their scripts.

Auditing features may provide suggestions to developers to decrease page load time and increase responsiveness.

These features allow developers to amend their web page or web application.

JavaScript Debugging

JavaScript is commonly used in web browsers. Web development tools mainly include a panel to fix scripts by allowing developers to add breakpoints, watch expressions, view the call stack and step out of functions while debugging.

A JavaScript console is widely included. The consoles allow developers to enter JavaScript commands and call functions or view faults or errors.

Web Page Assets, Resources and Network Information

Web pages usually require additional content in the form of images, font, scripts and other external files. Web development tools also allow developers to inspect resources that are available and loaded on the web page in a tree structure.

Web development tools also permit developers to view information about the network usage, such as which HTTP headers are being sent and received.

Extensions and plugins-

Modern web browsers support the use of extensions and plug-ins to augment functionality. There are many famous plugins that add various features to built-in tools.

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