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Mar 4, 2015   Allumez   Web Development


Web development services are those services which allow the organizations as well as individuals to make their website accessible through internet or World Wide Web.

Web development services are highly used services today. Web hosting services are provided by web hot companies. Web host companies are the companies that provide internet services as well as space for the users to use it on the server. Web host companies also provide colocation, which is defined as the data center space for the user servers that are located within their datacenter.

Web hosting services have been widely used today and they hold a high scope. Many web hosting companies provides this service free to the users. There is variety of web hosting services. Some of them are described below.

Free Web Hosting Services: This service is provided by very less companies when compared to paid services. It is sometimes used for advertisement purposes.

Reseller Web Hosting: This is the web hosting which helps the users to become self-hosts. The users can host themselves for a variety of services and the cam use a variety of combinations.

Dedicated Hosting Services:  In this the user has a server on which it has the full control. He can manage the server as per his requirement but this does not mean that he owns the server.

Shared Web Hosting Services:  A common pool is created in it in which a number of websites are placed on a server and they can be shared by number of servers. Shared web hosting service is used when we want to share same website across a number of servers.

Virtual Dedicated Server:  This service divides the server resources in virtual resources which does not have physical description but can be used as physical resource used by the client that demands it.


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