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Mar 3, 2015   Allumez   Web Hosting

Before getting onto the colocation hosting we should first understand what the meaning of collocation is with respect to collocation hosting. Colocation is a type of data centre where many things related to the storage and retrieval of information is available. This may include space, cooling and physical security for the servers. Here in this hosting a person can buy his own server and get it housed at web host facilities.

The person will be himself responsible for the server. Also this becomes one of the great advantages because one can have full control over his server. This type of hosting is beneficial for the small enterprises which have the features of that of big companies but doesn’t work like them as the budget of small companies is far much less as compared to the big enterprises.

Colocation hosting allows us to use others rack for our server and also using others bandwidth as our own. It costs more than standard web hosting but when compared with the bandwidth then it is efficient and more feasible and viable.

The whole process is like first we get the server and its setup and get it to the collocation center and install it over there in the space provider’s rack. The company then provides your server with IP, Bandwidth and power. Once it starts running we can access it like we access websites on the hosting provider.

There are many pros and cons of this hosting:

The main advantages are-

  1. The biggest advantage is the bandwidth. Here the cost of bandwidth that our server will get in the place where there are other servers working would be less as compared to the place at our own workplace.
  2. Colocation center provides better physical protection.
  3. We can decide the software that we find viable for our server.

The disadvantages are-

  1. Colocation providers are difficult to find. The problem is that the updating of the server is important and it would be easy to update the server if it lies near our workplace.
  2. Colocation can be much more expensive than usual web hosting system. This is because we ourself have to look after our server and provide it with the hardware and software when required.

 So we can say at last that collocation hosting is a boon for the small businesses where the overall capital investment is low.


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