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The difference between HTML and HTML5:

In the fast changing web environment as it is now, it the the great need that there should be a transaction in the technology.Every new technology brings with it new happenings which act as a boon for the people who use internet.

What user needs is a good interface to use the internet.This interface should be robust and should be in   accordance with the needs of the user.

The first technology which brewed up in the developers brain was hyper text markup language(HTML). It is a language which the web browsers use to both interpret and compose the text.HTML uses tags in its functioning.The functioning has two tags opening and closing. It consist of the body,head and style.Also we can make a reference to css files in HTML. The CSS stands for cascading style sheets. Here in these sheets we make a type of syntax which makes use of the various special tags. Also in Css main focus is based upon the font. Here it is decided that which color the font should be and what should be the padding and border value and the most advantage of using Css is that it can be called by any file inside the folder and different files can make use of the same css file simultaneously.

On the contrary html5 is used for the development of pages on the smart devices such as smart phones etc.Whatever technology we may use and may that be php or asp.net, the main centr of them is html. Also when surfing a web whenever we wish to see the code of that page we can type cntrl-u and go through the code.

 Html5 supports two tags that are audio and vidio.these are new tags and were not found in simple html.

 In the BODY element section add the VIDEO element and link

to a video file as follows.



Also the whole approach of the web tecnologies is to make the web sites easier to use and user friendly and for this purpose only the new technologies are developed.With the time  new technologies come and go and make the user experience more awesome.

We should mention one more point that in the basic html language other languages can also use,just like javascript which can be used too inside the code of the html file thus making it more robust.

On the whole we can say that html is the basic language and mother of all other web technologies and html5 is the next version of html which makes it more attractive and easier to use.



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