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Feb 28, 2015   Allumez   Web Hosting

Hosting has become the area of cardinal importance. Now days it has even become impossible to leave it aside. Now let us start from the very beginning or the incipient stage of knowing what hosting means. Hosting in regard to web means that we are providing the user with the space for storage and the access of the website. Through web hosting we are making a website accessible to the whole world.

When we make a website it is composed of text, images, videos and audios. The user or the person at the other side cannot get access to your website if it is not present on the internet. So to put our website on the internet, we have to store it into web server. What we have to do over here is that we have to first buy the storage for our web pages and then put our pages in the web server. We can now say that our website has become hosted there in the web server and people can get access to our website.

Now let us go into more depth and understand what these web servers are. Web server is hardware or in general terms a Computer where our pages get loaded. It also acts as a host. It serves the substance of your website to the internet users. A very high degree of specifications are required for a computer to be a server. It also gets connected to the internet through powerful links thus making it really behemoth in nature. Many companies have their own servers, which provide the storage space for rent.

Now let us move on to the web host. Any person or a company who owns a server and provides with the storage space is considered to be the web host. Many large enterprises own there servers which are many in strength and thus constituting the data centre.

Personal hosting finds its root in the web hosting. Here a person buys a server or can take a server at rent. After buying the server he can start giving the services to the users like the storage space for hosting the website or even a person who has make ample of web pages and due to the security can also buy a server for his websites. In this way he himself becomes a host. This phenomenon is known as personal hosting. Here one can even provide the space to others for hosting his/her web pages or sites.

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