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The difference between CSSand CSS3:

 CSS stands for cascading style sheets and these are used in sync with the the html file. They define the main feature of fonts , images and the parameters related to them.These parameters can be in the form of height,width and padding. In contrast to simple css there is a css3 which deals with certain tags which are not usually found in css.These tags are such,that they make the user experience more wonderful.The tags like transaction and transformations play a major role in it.Also here we can change the size and image correspondingly.

Css has other uses such as animations which may be 2d or 3d and thus making the site more good to use.Also whenever we feel to make our website more superior we use the tags of css3.

So we can say that css3 has many advantages over css. These advantages can be generally in the case of tags.The tags such as rotate and skew are used in the site which make the site more superior to use.

Also with the help of css we can make our document more easy to use this we can understand through an example consider that we make a website where we declare various parameters like height, width and padding also we are making use of these parameters agan and again in different files, we do not make the code in every file on the contrary we make a file and give it a css extention and do the important work in it relating to the parameters. Thus we link our main files with these parameters through a tag which we write in the head section.we should note that all the linking part is done in the head section. Also here in these sheets we do a major and important work of giving border, padding and margin to some table.This we can do in both css and css3, thus making the site more sclable and robust.

Hence we can say that css3 the upgrade version of css we inherits in itself the key features of the css and also adds in itself the latest technologies. Also much work can be done in the css3 and many new features can be put into it by seeing the need of the client or the user.

So at last we can say that html becomes easy to use with both css and css3.

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