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Oct 11, 2014   Allumez   Six Sigma

Six Sigma is the best way to do that, as it is a set of tools and techniques that helps improving your process work.

It was first developed in 1986 by Motorola and at General Electric Jack Welch made it his business strategy in 1995.

It helps in improving the quality of the output processes as it can identify and remove the errors and even minimize the variability in business as well as manufacturing processes. It makes use of quality management methods such as statistical method that helps in creating special infrastructure of the people within the organisation.

The project work here is carried out with great care and in a procedural way due to which these are known as the Total Quality Management, example:

First by reducing the process cycle time, reducing pollution, reducing cost, increasing customer satisfaction, increasing profits.

Basically, this term has been derived from the terminology that is associated with manufacturing. Thus, it is helpful to describe the maturity of the manufacturing process by indicating sigma rating that indicates the percentage of valued products. In fact, this is the only process which has about 99.99966 percent products that have got no defects.

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