Micro site optimization is a small fragment of website, it is like a node or stem of a big tree, this is referred as a Mini site. Micro site is derivation of main site. It posses different properties with separate URLs, by term separate URL it means that it takes help of other websites. All these websites are created to support main website by providing a navigational path link which leads to the main website. Micro site optimization is used for non commercial and commercial purposes.

Allumez Infotech is a company which helps to gain profit by not only creating them but also to turn these websites in a profitable commodity for pouring amount of money in pocket.

A micro site optimization can be used as powerful tool to commercially promote business and we utilize this potential to the fullest. It is considered as a compact version of company's vital features, that what they are offering in the specific region. A mini website is typical not like a website which provide specific details about website.

Search engine optimization

On-page Optimization

We do OnPage optimization tasks in order to raise usability,credibility and for better customer satisfaction.This optimization helps to focus on website relativity, crawling and indexing.

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Off-page Optimization

Offpage optimization is great professional dynamite to enhance credibility of website. Like onpage seo, it is perfect fusion of creativity and technology.

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Ecommerce web optimization

E-commerce is great option to appear online with credibility. Main motive of aspect is to raise sales criterion, this entirely is upto our client and this our client wants to be available in local regions.

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Micro site optimization

We use micro optimization to target services in website content and code. This approach makes a difference in creating online leads.

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Mobile SEO

Mobiles is a boon for people and present scenario is that majority of the people are smart tech with innovative smart mobile phones.

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Google Places and Maps Optimization

This optimization is used to market local business on Internet at desired locus and will gradually increase in search results and keep you in competition.

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Google Business Optimization

We do this optimization for our clients, we create new gmail addresses to setup listing.

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Pay Per Click

PPC is a good and well planned approach using latest trends and unique innovations to optimize brand name.

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Link Building

Grabbing links from high traffic sites and focus on quality and relatively of links according to client's website.

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SEO Content Writing

Purpose behind using content for website is to add extra jinx to client's services to valuable customers altogether the distracting diverse increasing traffic.

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Blog Management and Maps Optimization

At Allumez, blog management service is driven by main components and interesting content using unique creativity.

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