A blog is an informational site or a platform for discussion which get published on World Wide Web consisting of the discrete entries displayed in the reverse chronological order. Blog is short form of term web log.

What is Blogging?

Blogging comprises writing posts mainly, maintaining and publishing posts on blog. Most of the owners of blogs out feel connected to the first two parts; i.e. posting and writing. But in a professional blogging maintaining blog's technical side is very crucial part. There is not much difference in between blog and website. So, it is just like a website and blog maintained.

Maintenance of a blog comprises of the following:

-Updating and Maintaining programming code
-Search engine optimization of blog posts
-Specific daily tasks to make money from blogs.


Podcasting is becoming buzz word among techie crowd. Podcasting is an online audio which is delivered via RSS feed. People like podcasting to radio on the demand. In reality, podcasting gives more options in terms of programming and content than radio. In an addition, with Podcasting, listeners determine time and place, meaning that they decide what programming they actually want to receive and when want to listen to it.

Listeners retain audio archives to listen at their leisure. Blogs have turned many of the bloggers into journalists, podcasting has potential to turn podcasters into the radio personalities.

Podcasting used for:

- Self Guided Walking Tours: Informational contents.
- Music: Band promotional interviews and clips.
- Talk Shows: Organizational News, Commentaries, News Coverage and Investor News.
- Training: Instructional Materials.
- Story: Story telling for the Visually-Impaired or children.

Social Media Marketing


Allumez has experts who do blogging and podcasting to attract original traffic by submitting blog to blogrolls and podcasting to podcast directory.

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Facebook Marketing

Allumez gives best resolution which suits needs and budgets. We support to advertise your brand worldwide to uplift brand name in no time.

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Viral Marketing

We use this viral marketing strategy which focus on spreading the information and opinions about services or product from person to person.

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Twitter Marketing

Interesting part to opt Twitter Marketing is the around 3 million users get active everyday and is followed by around 500 million tweets per day.

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Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking helps to display recently added and popular links to catch organic traffic.

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Hubpages Creation

Hubpages is a process in which content should be good and unique and are known for delivering best content.Hubpage creation help to generate organic traffic on site.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way to reach customers for business. This marketing technique is very effective method to promote product with low cost.

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Press Releases

Press releases is free public relation tool, especially beneficial for the startups and growing small businesses.

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